The Lion's Share Cartel is a group of like-minded, yet vastly different, individuals who have all assembled together for the same thing. Profit at any cost. The Cartel partakes in various illicit activities through out the city from assassinations to smuggling. If it profits, then Lion's Share may have a hand in it. In the public eye, however, Lion's Share operate under the guise of a merchant company and will go to great lengths to maintain that cover. The guild offers events of various variety and a gritty atmosphere appropriate for experience and mature criminal RP.

How you can applyEdit

To apply please fill out an application at

Please note that in character the company is only referred to as Lion's Share Company. There is no mention of the word 'Cartel' in any documentation or aquired permits. Please do not 'assume' you heard about the company if yous are applying for illegal side. An officer will contact you to arrange a method of recruitment if we feel you are a good fit for the guild.

Suggested Starting PointsEdit

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